Removals For Dummies

Moving home, office, or pretty much anything too big to fit into a mini-cab or taxi will require the use of a Van and helping men. Now you can always DIY it and get some exercise done, but the reality is if you know how to go about finding the right man and van company, it need not cost you much. For a start if you are doing a full house move and it takes you 4 hours to get it done, then that would cost you on average £200 with 2 men and a van for 4 hours. By any estimate this cost is almost nothing considering the difficult and risky nature of the job. If you were to do it yourself  alone or with the help of a friend, then it could take you at least 6 hours, plus the cost of the van hire and insurance which could be as much as £100 for the day. Then comes the deposit you would have to put up upfront to hire out the vehicle. I think most of us would agree that going with a van and man hire company would be the best option.

Man and van hire the city landscape like grass, with virtually one in every street corner. The best ones are those of small to medium size that have some flexibility on price and booking date and time. Flexibility on the part of the company is important and could save a fair bit. It is important that you shop around and do your bookings in advance in order to save money and find the best possible deal for your move. Ensure that the company is fully insured and that you are made aware of the exact costs. It is always better to go for a fixed rate, as opposed to the hourly rate, this is of particular importance when moving over long distances, just in case of road traffic accidents and delays, which could cost you big money if on an hourly tariff. We are Van and man hire, a London based removals company that offers the full range of services associated with home and office relocation, including Man and van, and Long Distance Removals.

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