The following notes outline the responsibilities and rights of all the parties tied to the contractual agreement. Our liability limitations are clearly stated below and you would need to seek additional insurance cover and advice should our cover not be sufficient. Our policy allows us to provide limited insurance cover on your behalf. Insurance will form a separate agreement.

What a Typical Quote Covers

  • Furniture Assembly or dismantling Service
  • Appliance Re-connection or disconnections.
  • Taking up or laying already fitted floor coverings.
  • Removal of items from loft: Only when provided Safe Access


Please ensure fragile items are adequately packaged for removal. This particularly important when it comes to electronic items such Televisions and computers. Inadequately packed items will not be liable for insurance. They will only be taken at your own risk. Boxes packed with miscellaneous items should not be unnecessarily heavy. A weight 15kg should be the maximum limit per box.

It is your responsibility to ensure doors and corridors are wide enough for your items to fit through. Whilst we will try our best to help you, our insurance will not cover the removal of doors and windows for the purpose entering and exiting items.

Goods in transit insurance cover to the value of £20,000 will be applied to all removal bookings automatically. We will not be liable for the first £100 of the cover. It is your responsibility as the customer to arrange any additional cover independently. All claims of damage must be communicated to the diver at the time of occurrence and we must be informed of it in writing withing 7 days from the date of alleged happening. Failure to comply with this will annul your claim.

Collection and Delivery 

The aim is on-time arrival, however due to traffic and other unforeseen circumstances this may not always be possible. In the event of any delay you will be given sufficient notice.


There is normally no need for a deposit, unless otherwise agreed and as per circumstance. We request that the driver be paid on the day of the move prior to leaving the property. Payment can be in cash or via instant bank transfer. Each customer will be emailed a company invoice/receipt upon request. We reserve the right to withhold goods in vehicles till the full balance is paid in its entirety.

Cancellation Policy:

Cancelling your booking with us is free. If for any reason you wish to cancel your booking, please kindly inform us at least 24 hours in advance of the booking time. This will avoid any inconvenience to the service.

Our Responsibilities

  • To make sure that our advertising and promotions are clear.
  • To provide you with a clear description, price and timetable for the work.
  • To insure your belongings with our Goods-in-Transit cover and make clear our liability for loss or damage and cancellation policies.
  • To provide you with courteous, competent and committed removal staff.
  • To deal honestly and sympathetically with things that go wrong.